The Genius That is Chris Lily

May 10, 2009

A  few months ago we did the South Beach Food and Wine Fest and I was lucky to meet two bbq luminaries, Chris Lily and Miron Mixon.  How cool is that, right! So anyways Igot to share a cup of early morning coffee with Miron and shoot the shit with him (not big on fancy coffee.) And I spent the rest of the day cooking and smoking our stuff for that nights event but also watching as much as I couldfrom these two guys. The event went down very successful. I avoided a bad sunburn, fun was had by all.  A few weeks later I sent Chris an e-mail asking if Damon and myself could come to Decatur and trail at Big Bob Gibsons.He said yes, dates were set tickets were bought, some shit happened Damon was out Adam was in, I spent way to much time in an airport. Then there it was a temple of barbecue BBG BBQ believe it or not I had the same feelings when I went to Duccasse orArpege this place is an American legend. Adam and I had a great meal with Chris and got spend an entire day talking bbq with him and picking his brain. We got to see his technique and he gave us some pointers for our bbq. I had an entire day at BBG to work on our stuff and work out the kinks in our Q’


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