The heat is on

May 15, 2009

So it’s day four of  MIM and I can tell ou this is one hell of a party,but. The pressure started this morning very early we had to clean ducks cut lamb ribs and all the stuff to cut for the baked beans. Get the cooker started make all the sauces we needed for today and get it all in the cooker. And now I’m happy to tell you we produced three very fine blind box samples. Damon and I both feel that the smoked duck slider was our best effort, I believe it will be headed for the  Halfsteak menu when I get back. The lamb ribs were better today then yesterday and we took a little

beans beans good for your heart

beans beans good for your heart

 old timer advice and made our beans sweeter with a very nice result. All we can do now is wait for the judges to do their jobs, the scores come out at 6:30. The pressure is done for today we are going to do one more run of pork ribs tonight, go watch Ralph Stanley play bluegrass the way it should be played and get amped for our next event.


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