And the winner is

May 18, 2009

Not us this time. I sad to say but I’m very happy with what we produced in the poultry,exotic, and baked bean categories.  Just so you know what we did pulled duck sliders with crisp skin and coleslaw, lamb ribs with raita (same as the ones at CSNY) and baked beans with Neuskys bacon and Surry farm summer Sausage. Our results were 21st in poultry, 31st in exotic and 45th in beans. Our learning curve has been extreme during this event, we learned that the judges had no idea what they were eating and that chicken is the poultry of choice as is buffalo for exotic. Knowing those things it’s back to the drawing board for next year. Our tining was great and Justin was an excellent food runner(small tip we got was to time the walk/run to judges tent from our tent so you can fit that number in to your drop off window.) the small soft side cooler purchased at wal-mart was the envy of many other contestants who realized their Styrofoam box wasn’t keeping their entries hot (another tip thanks again Chris.)  Tonight we will make our final tweeks to the ribs and get ready for

Say hi to Pierre our favorite duck from D'artagnan

Say hi to Pierre our favorite duck from D'artagnan

tomorrow. Going to increase the sweetness level in the rub and sauce, this seems to be what the people want here.


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