The big day

May 18, 2009

Six in the morning rolls around very early and when it starts by seeing lightning and hearing thunder it’s down right painful. That’s how today started, quick shower and then down to the cooker. first order was to get the fire box clean and fired up with Kingsford charcoal (shameless plug thanks for the hats and shirts) and apple wood. Skin and trim a whole mess of ribs. Paint ribs with pickle juice and mustard slather, season with our dry rub and then into the cooker. We did 3 rounds of about 9 slabs each,one for blind box judging one for on-site judging and one for if we made finals. We can also cherry pick the best looking and tasting ribs for the blind box. The next few hours were used to clean the site. It was a muddy mess the day we got here and hasn’t changed. Next order of business was to concoct our team story and how we would work out our three on site judges. A plan was stuck my Mom was our greeter I introduced the team Lauren talked about  Craft and Tom’s philosophy. Then back to me to talk about the cooker, wood selection, the ribs, and finally to sit down withjudge and convince them that our product was the best one they would eat that day. I still can’t believe how nervous and stressing the whole process was being  judges one on one is quite unique. The first judge was a very nice guy who actually came by after and gave us some more advice. The second judge was much easier to sell both Larry and I had our stories down and nailed it (it was over heard that he gave us his top score) The third judge was a woman and it threw me abit but she is in the food service world and understood our story as well. All in all I could not be happier with our

These are what you get if you win. Chris has a whole bunch of them

These are what you get if you win. Chris has a whole bunch of them

performance it was something like a very busy service in a 45 minute time line. All three of the judges were very impressed that we were rookies and from NYC as well. All we can do now is wait to see if we make finals.


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