And the winner is

May 19, 2009

Not us again. After waiting for about two hours our rib ambassador texted me to tell us we didn’t make the finals. Chris came by with his crew he tasted our rib entries and was very proud of our progress and said that we had come along faster then anyone else he could remember. We would now have to wait till the awards ceremony to see how we placed. Some friends of mine had come from Atlanta to hang out with us so we did what we are good at and cooked for them. We also fed many of Memphis’ hard working police officers and a surprising amount of people from NYC and Long Island that saw that we were from New York and stopped by to give us some support,. I can say  that I was physically and mentally exhausted by the time we were done and I just wanted to sit down hand have a nice cold cup of apple juice, which I did and like a true food obsessed chef I immediately stated to think about what I could have done differently or better. What I will do next time (if there is a next time Tom and Katie what do you think?)  How we can streamline what we took with us, save a few bucks while doing it. I think I could fill an entire note book on what we can do, every tidbit of redneck info every old time pitmaster and even some of the judges gave me ideas on things that will make us a better competition BBQ team. I will keep you posted on how we did.

waiting for the finals trying to keep up with blogging,

waiting for the finals trying to keep up with blogging,


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