18 gallons of Jeagermeister

June 11, 2009

17.80 gallons to go

17.80 gallons to go

If that isn’t a great way to start a story I’m not sure wahat is. As you might of read here on the hallowed pages that is Ribdiculous’ blog there was a small amount of alcohol consumed by most of the people there except for your favorite BBQ team only organic apple juice for us of course. The bit about the 18 gallons of Jeager is true as is the guys a few stalls down from us having 900 cases of beer I actually saw them loading them in, it was somewhat of a religious moment for me. I heard about a team that 17 kegs in one day, needless to say there were a fair share of  “crazy drunk ass dudes” and “wounded deer” around during the week. We at Ribdiculous tried to do our share in helping the Mempis econmy by buying  a very modest 3 kegs and half a dozen cases of ice cold beer, strictly for visiting guests and dignitaries of course. I would also like to give a very belated thank you to the distingished gentleman Mr. Matt Pupura and his fabulous employer Jim Beam Brands for their donatition to th


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